Tibet Weather – What is the best time to travel tibet?

The best travel time in Tibet is for the most part from April to November. However, it additionally relies upon where you might want to visit. In the lower height places, for example, Lhasa, Tsedang, Gyantse, Shigatse and Nyingchi, you can travel whenever in the year. The atmosphere in those territories is gentle, no to a great degree chilliness or hotness. In the winter period of December – March, however it is exceptionally chilly yet you will see fewer visitors and amid the time, the expense for convenience and vehicle rental will be lower also. What’s more, winter season additionally offers a more noteworthy opportunity to see the amazing Mt. Everest plainly.

Travel to Tibet

July and August are the blustery seasons in Tibet, predominantly night rain just which for the most part will not influence your touring in the day time however will convey some trouble to trekking visits. These two months could see about portion of the yearly rain in Tibet.

April, October and November regularly bring some stunning clear climate and you could feel exceptionally great in the lower height places.

For some prevalent visits, you may need to take note of the accompanying climate confinements:

  • The Everest Region: however the Lhasa-Everest-Lhasa visit is accessible consistently, the Lhasa-Everest-Kathmandu overland visit could be inconceivable in some snow time in Jan or Feb, particularly the Old Tingri – Nyalam – Zhangmu part.
  • Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar and the Northern Tibet (counting Namtso Lake): normally not acceptable in winter seasons from December to March.
  • Eastern Tibet: attempt to abstain from venturing to every part of the Sichuan-Tibet roadway in the blustery periods of July and August.

Other than the above atmosphere issues you will think about when arranging a visit to Tibet, you have to get readied for the solid sun radiation and huge temperature contrast among day and night for going there also check https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/meyers_obrien/blog#post443941475.